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More Pelicans Have Arrived!


White Pelicans have been spotted in more places here in The Villages, Florida.  I spotted about twenty White Pelicans at the Freedom Pointe Lake on El Camino Real, where the flocks often come in Winter months (I call it Pelican Pointe and Cormorant Corner).  I also have seen a few at the Nancy Lopez Legacy Golf Course driving range pond.

The White Pelicans have flown from the Midwestern states and are hungry.  White Pelicans primarily dine on fish and frogs with occasional small tender turtles.  Often the other water birds such as Double-crested Cormorants or even Anhingas will help with the fishing by encircling the school of fish to be gulped by the pelicans with enough for all.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of that photo.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "More Pelicans Have Arrived!" (2)

  1. You seem to have cornered the market on pelicans! I’m glad that they can spend their winter is such a pleasant place.

    • Hi Montucky, Pleasant for the birds and humans, too! The area is great for wildlife watching. I just wish I could get more pictures of the songbirds in – this home has gigantic Live Oaks but too much shade for good pictures. Oh well, there are always neighbor’s bird feeders. I have no bird feeders because we have had rats in our neighborhood on occasion and I do not want to encourage that kind of wildlife here. Have a great weekend!

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