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Most of the White Pelicans have started leaving for their homes up North now.  I have only seen just a handful of the big white birds around here in the last week.  We still have several groups of the cormorants but those too, will be off on their Spring migration very soon.

I took most of these pictures within the past month here on the ponds and small lakes at the Nancy Lopez Legacy Golf Course; Freedom Pointe Lakes; La Hacienda Golf Course pond; and Golf View Lake pond, and Lake Paradise.  These are all places where year after year, I have spotted White Pelicans in Winter months.

The White Pelicans arrive in December and leave around the first two weeks of April here.  We did have a few stick around all year long this past year here.  That was unusual.  Our ponds here have been fished heavily with all the pelicans, cormorants, fishing ducks and wading birds that have been here these last few months.  It was wonderful to see the pelicans and I will eagerly await their return next Winter!  Please click on the thumbnail images to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "Farewell to the Pelicans" (1)

  1. I certainly share your love for pelicans!

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