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Bald Eagle on the deserted swimming beach at Kerr Scott Lake

A Bald Eagle was seen on a deserted swimming beach at the lovely Kerr Scott Lake near Wilksboro, North Carolina last week at dusk.  This Army Corps of Engineers lake is a beautiful spot with a nice campground and the swimming beach park across the lake (that beach park was only open during the Summer).  I also spotted a trio of friendly domestic ducks happily paddling around and about five Eastern Bluebirds flitting around catching insects for their meal.  So nice!

We also went up to the Blue Ridge Parkway which is one of the most beautiful highways I have been on.  No, we did not take our 28′ Fifth Wheel trailer up there!  Too winding and narrow.  That parkway has mowed grass on both shoulders and is one lane each way.

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs through mixed hardwood and coniferous forests and has several  areas with parking lots and lovely picnic tables and other park features.  There also are overlooks which add to the scenic value.  A wonderful experience even if we only drove about 6 miles on that road (about 1/2 hour from Wilksboro, N.C.).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

Eastern Bluebird

Scenic Elk Mountain Overlook, The Blue Ridge Parkway

Scenic view of Lake Kerr Scott, Wilksboro, NC


Friendly domesticated farm ducks in the lake

Eastern Bluebird

Bluebird with insect

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