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I enjoy watching birds, small reptiles and mammals in my backyard and neighborhood.  I occasionally will do wildlife-watching in other areas of Florida and the United States.

I am a semi-retired elementary school teacher who also had a prior career as a municipal recreation professional in a medium-sized city in California.  I  moved from CA to the Cumberland Plateau area of TN, but now live in North-central Florida full-time.   Though my new neighborhood is suburban rather than rural, there are many birds and small animals around.  I look forward to frequently updating this blog.  The blog is an informal note describing the wildlife spotted here.  All of the photographs that I post will be those I have taken myself.  The camera I now use is a Nikon digital SLR, Model  D-300s.  I also use a Pentax digital point and shoot camera when taking pictures from the car.  Whenever I post photographs, I will be posting them as “Thumbnails”.   Be sure to click on the picture and you will see the larger version of that shot.  All original content authored by Wildlifewatcher, including photographs, appearing on this blog are under copyright (2013), and all rights are reserved.  Please contact me for permission first if you desire to use a photo for non-commercial purposes.  I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the blog often!

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