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A Flock of American White Pelicans Comes to Call

American White Pelicans are rarely seen in Cumberland County, TN.  The small flock of about fifteen big white birds came to visit this morning on our 101 acre private community lake!  What a wonderful sight!  The American White Pelican usually lives in the upper Mid-west and prairie states with some also living in the West.  These large water birds live in lakes and along marshes in larger rivers.  They winter along the Gulf of Mexico with many in Florida.  When seen in Tennessee, the American White Pelicans are usually found in the Western section of Tennessee, closer to the Mississippi River.

The American Pelican uses its bill to scoop up fish from shallow depths.  They do not dive like the Brown Pelicans do.  The American White Pelican will eat fish, and small aquatic animals such as Crayfish or Frogs.  They also hunt cooperatively at times and will encircle fish by gathering together.  The American White Pelicans usually have very large flocks.  The group here on the lake may just be an advance scout group or simply strayed from the big flock. In any event I think that the American White Pelicans are very interesting birds!  I was thrilled to get a glimpse of these spectacular visitors!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

If possible, please consider making a charitable donation to the Red Cross for the Japanese Disaster Relief Effort.  Donations may be made through your local Red Cross Chapter or online.  Many thanks!

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