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The King Bird Nest

The King Birds here have created a nest and are busily raising a family in the larger branch of an Oak tree that is located just at the lake shoreline in my backyard.  The father King Bird takes turns watching the nest while the mother King Bird takes a break and looks after her own needs for a few minutes.  That father King Bird is often seen doing guard duty against any predators and sits way out on the end of a slightly higher branch of that same tree.  I have not been able to see any of the baby birds yet.  That nest is tucked down into the leaves where it is protected from the elements and is in a secure spot.  The King Birds are only here on the lake in the Spring and Summer months.  They seem to be great parents so far.  The King Bird is a fly-catcher and is similar in nature and looks to both the smaller Eastern Phoebe and the tiny Eastern Wood Pewee.  I am quite happy to see the nesting birds here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Robin’s Nest (The Robin Stories, Part 1)

In this first of two parts, I will tell a story of the Robins.  Today’s story is about the nest.   While out on a walk with my trusty camera recently, I heard and saw several American Robins.  I saw one of the Robins fly up to a crotch in the limbs of a huge nearby tree and settle in a nest.   I did get a picture of that Robin’s head just above the rim of the nest.  I was able to identify the bird because of having seen that tell-tale white circle around its eye.

I  have included other photographs of other American Robins.  One may be a mate to that one who was sitting on the nest but I am not certain about it.  American Robins are lovely medium-sized brown and burnt orange colored birds.  They hunt for worms and other insects on the ground.  We seem to have a lot of these birds in my area now.  Please click on the thumbnail photo to see the large version of that picture.  Enjoy!

American Robin in the Nest

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