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Photographs of Bufflehead Ducks From Last Winter

Bufflehead Ducks are Winter visitors here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.  I took these pictures  last Winter (2011) at the Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN, and also on Lake Tansi, an area near Crossville, TN.  The Bufflehead Ducks are my favorite ducks.  They are wary of people.  They are also difficult for me to take pictures of.  They tend to congregate in remote spots on the lakes.

The drake is the  one with white and dark iridescent  purplish-black, and flashes of green.  The hen is charcoal grey with beige and white accents.  The genders mirror each other in color.  They are diving ducks and eat smaller aquatic animals.  The drake can raise the white feathers on its head at times.  These small ducks migrate here for the Winter from way up North in the Mid-western U.S. and also in Canada.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Ring-Necked Ducks, Part 2 of 2

Today’s spotlight is on the drakes and the flock of Ring-Necked Ducks as a whole.  The flock is composed of seven drakes or males, and just two hens (at least those were all I spotted).  The drakes are black and white.  They have a white ring around the tip of their grey-ish black bill.  They also have a bit of white at the base of their bill.  Their sides, and chest white, with a u shaped, wide, white”ring” around their shoulders and the back of the neck.  The back is black.  Ring-Necked Ducks also have yellow eyes and up-turned tail feathering.

The Ring-Necked ducks are pretty much vegetarians.   They are diving ducks and will dive down for those tasty underwater plants.  They sometimes will eat worms and aquatic snails but this is rare.  The Ring-Necked Ducks are migratory winter visitors here in Cumberland County, TN where I live.  They enjoy calm waters on farm ponds, quiet smaller lakes, and the slower current areas of the marshes on the big rivers.  I am happy to have taken these pictures in my yard on February 21, 2012 and February 22, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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