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A Fine Pair of Brown Thrashers


Brown Thrashers have made their home in my neighborhood recently.  These attractive songbirds are close relatives of the Northern Mockingbirds, and Catbirds.  They even are very expert at singing!  In reading up on the gorgeous rusty-brown and beige birds, I found that they can sing about 1,000 different tones.  They only sing three notes at a time, but they can repeat the pattern or change the three notes.  Very accomplished musical birds, and pretty, too!

The Brown Thrashers eat nearly all kinds of insects, worms, grubs, seeds, nuts, and fruits.  I most often see the Brown Thrashers hunting on the ground.  They seem pretty wary and I usually cannot get anywhere near them before they fly off.  I took these pictures on my street here yesterday.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of that picture.  Enjoy!


A Brown Thrasher in the Woods

This Brown Thrasher was up on a dead tree located in the woodlands in what I refer to as the gulch area a few days ago.  I was taking pictures of the Baltimore Oriole that was nearby and saw this Brown Thrasher.  This was the first Brown Thrasher I have seen here at the little farm.  These are medium-sized birds that are approximately the same size as a Mockingbird.  Their color is a rusty brown on the back and head and a buff with brown streaks on the underside of the wings and on their chest.    The Brown Thrasher has a stout pointed bill.  They hunt for insects on the ground in ditches and in woodland areas.  I have only seen a few of these birds ever.  They are shy birds.  I was glad to get the pictures.  I took these pictures on May 5, 2012 late in the afternoon from my driveway at the street here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

The Brown Thrashers

Brown Thrashers have been hunting for insects.  They sometimes will hunt in my front lawn, but mostly hunt along the forest floor in my backyard.  They especially find good hunting under the bird feeder area where there are suet drippings and bits of bird seed that attract insects.  The area also has Oak and Hickory leaves and a very natural area of soil with many native plants.  The Brown Thrasher is a medium-sized bird with long legs, a long slightly curved slender bill, a rust color with buff chest and small rust colored streaks on the chest area.  This bird has great eyesight which is a big help in its hunting tactics.  I enjoyed seeing this quick, interesting bird.  It does not come around very often but is welcome when it visits.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photograph.  Enjoy!

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