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A solitary Common Loon came by the dock this morning.  I was very happy to have spotted it.  One had been here last week but I did not get to see it.  I saw a Common Loon on a few occasions last spring.  The call of the Loon is something distinctive and it sounds like a trilling sort of semi-yodel.  This information about the Common Loon mostly came from the TN Dept. of Wildlife Resources site called “Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife”.  I have put the URL address for this nice web site on my blog link list at right.  These water birds are residents up North and in the Eastern fresh water lakes, ponds, and rivers.  There is a different Loon that lives in the Western states, the Pacific Loon (I have never seen one and I used to live in California).  The Common Loon is black with white speckles in a more-or-less checkerboard pattern of feathers on its back.  It has a sloped head and a long, powerfully slender and sharp bill.  The Common Loon is a fish eater.  These birds do not nest in Tennessee at all and are just late Winter and spring visitors to the lake here in Cumberland County, TN.  I took these pictures today, March 25, 2011 from my deck.  PLease click on the thumbnail version to see the larger photograph.  Enjoy!

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