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The Neighborhood Hawk Returns!


Yesterday afternoon I spotted what is likely an immature Cooper’s Hawk.  I think this bird has been around the neighborhood for a few months now.  We had a tremendous thunderstorm earlier in the morning so there is now a bit of water in the basin across the street from my home.  This bird was first seen on the lawn at the side of the basin and then in a low tree at the far end of that same basin.  After a brief minute, the hawk flew away.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!




A Cooper’s Hawk Visits the Shoreline of the Lake

This Cooper’s Hawk has been occasionally frequenting the large Oaks and Hickory Trees along the shoreline of the 101 acre private community lake here in Cumberland County, TN.  I have been told that The Cooper’s Hawk was here a week ago, but I did not see the hawk then.  I took these pictures from my window yesterday (3/3/11) at about 4:45 PM.  An adult Cooper’s Hawk is the size of large crow and really may look larger due to its winter feathers.  The young  Cooper’s Hawk will have yellowish eyes, while the adult Cooper’s Hawk has red eyes.  From the looks of the large feet, that bird has powerful claws and carrying power!  The Cooper’s Hawk  mostly eats songbirds, and is known to hunt near bird feeder stations.  My backyard certainly has some unique visitors.  There almost is never a dull moment here on the lake!  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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