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The Sandhill Cranes Visit


Six Sandhill Cranes were spotted on the shores of our little neighborhood park lake, Paradise Lake, on Sunday, December 11, 2016.  Two were near Swartz Park and four were on the far shore across from Paradise Park.

I think I witnessed a courtship dance but that is uncertain.  All of the sudden two of the four cranes started flapping their wings, bowing down a little and then each hopped several times. I think it was hubba-hubba I am great or maybe aggression?  Who knows?  I have never seen this behavior in person.  These are likely not resident Florida cranes.  I believe these are Winter visitors and may be on the way further South.  Again, who can tell?  Perhaps these beautiful big birds will remain in The Villages for the Winter season.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version.  By the way, in one picture, there is a Great Blue Heron standing very close to a Sandhill Crane.   The crane is the one with the red marking on its forehead.  Enjoy!




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