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Geese Finding Dinner

I snapped these pictures of a small division of our resident Canada Geese plus their leader, a domestic Greylag Goose.  I incorrectly identified that Greylag as a White-fronted Goose in an earlier post.  It is likely a  now-wild  domestic hybrid of some type, since it does have characteristics of the Chinese Goose and the Greylag.  In any event, a few of the young Canada Geese have imprinted upon it and follow it all around the lake.  Whatever creature the gosling sees first is what they imprint on and instinctively follow.  These Geese were in search of a tasty mouthful of aquatic plants in the shallows of the shoreline.  They also eat lawn grass.  I think the neighbors are pleased that the lake plants are filling the bill for the moment (pun intended).  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

(Note that Mallard Duck)

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