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Songbird & Egret Gallery

DSC_8222 - Version 2



Here are photographs I took this last week, of a variety of songbirds.  I so enjoy seeing new birds here!  The new arrivals this past week were:  A Chipping Sparrow; a Pine Warbler; and a pair of American Robins.  It was very cold for two days last week.  Some of the birds are seen here really puffed up so that they could stay warm.  It was only 31 degrees F. when I took the pictures of the American Robin, and the little Eastern PeWee!  Brrr.

The Eastern Blue Jay was a welcomed sight.  I seldom spot Blue Jays around here.  There at least two male Northern Cardinals here and a male Downy Woodpecker also in the area.  In fact, I saw three different kinds of woodpeckers here in the yards last week.  Additionally, there was a flyby of a flock of Cattle Egrets right over my home.  I took these pictures in my yards and around the street.  I am happy to say that the weather was much warmer this past weekend here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_8320 (1)DSC_8606DSC_8659

Geese, Ducks, and Birds on the Wing

Canada Goose

Birds flying from tree to tree or along the lake’s surface are exciting to watch.  All that action usually happens very quickly in a swoop or with high energy on a distance flight.  I enjoy catching birds in flight with my camera.  It is a matter of just observing well, and having a little luck.  The hardest to photograph are the ducks, hands down.  I usually come up with just a blurry picture when trying to get snapshots of the Mallards or the Wood Ducks here, but I got lucky with this photo of the Mallard Duck hen.  She was just taking off from under my bird feeder area so she was “Slow and low”.  The Canada Geese are pretty easy to photograph while in the air because of their size, their usually low to the water flying, and their slower speed of flight.  With the small song birds, it is mostly a lot of being in the right place at the right time and a whole lot of luck.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger image.  Enjoy!

Hen Mallard Duck

American Robin

Blue Jay

Eastern Bluebird

American Robin

Eastern Pewee

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