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Eastern Chipmunks

There are about six Eastern Chipmunks in my yards.  I live in a Southeastern U.S. hardwood forest setting along the shore of a medium-sized lake.  This is good habitat for Eastern Chipmunks.   I enjoy having the Chipmunks here.  These little rodents live in shallow underground tunnels they create.  So far, the Chipmunks have not damaged any plantings in my yards.  Chipmunks eat grains, nuts, fruits, berries, and insects.  They will gather extra food and carry it in big cheek pouches in order to transport the food.  The extra food will be stored away in cache spots for future use.  The Chipmunks are small, and have a golden brown color with dark brown and white striped backs.  Chipmunks have small but strong curved claws that are useful in digging their tunnels.  Although Eastern Chipmunks spend a lot of time in their underground tunnels, they are also quite at home above ground along lawns, and forest floor areas. Once in a while, Chipmunks can, and do climb up shorter heights.   Chipmunks, though small, can hold their own against some small animals and birds.  I have seen Chipmunks back Grey Squirrels, and Mourning Doves off from treasured food areas!  Chipmunks are usually not aggressive, and are quite interesting to watch.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.

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