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Starling Sightings

Many European Starling birds live in the trees at my next door neighbor’s place.  There also seem to be a few starlings roosting in the woods at the Southern end of my property.  Starlings are very beautiful birds.  They have a bad reputation because they sometimes are seen in huge flocks numbering in the hundreds.  When such a large flock comes to visit, they can eat a lot of garden crops, make a mess with their droppings, and become an unwelcome noisy pest.  Fortunately for me, only about thirty or so birds at a time have been here.

The starlings are interesting because of their squeaks, whistles, and chirp-sounding songs.  The European Starlings are an iridescent black and brown with tan highlights.  They also have slight blue, yellow and purple tinges to their wings in the sunlight.  In the right light, the highlights of these feathers seem almost rainbow-like.  The females are more subdued and a bit more brown in color.  These birds eat just about anything from insects to seeds and fruit.  I am usually very happy to have the starlings here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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