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A Double Woodpecker Wednesday

The Red-bellied Woodpecker was sitting in an older, pecked-up, branch of an Oak in the yard just at the shoreline of the pond.  It was a chatty bird calling to other woodpeckers.  This is a wonderful bird!  It is a beautiful red, black and white medium-sized bird.  The Red-bellied Woodpecker eats insects as well as seeds, berries, fruit and nuts.  It nests in hollowed-out tree cavities.

The other woodpecker I saw yesterday was the Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker.  I saw two.  The male has the black mustache-like marking on its face.  This woodpecker is among the larger of the woodpeckers.  It also eats insects, nuts, seeds, and berries but unlike the Red-bellied Woodpecker, it likes eating on the ground just as much as eating in a tree.  It has beautiful mustard yellow feather shafts which are easily seen when the bird is in flight.  I also like the black spots on its tan belly.  I was quite pleased to take these pictures in my yard yesterday, March 27, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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