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A Snowy Egret

This beautiful Snowy Egret was spotted on the Chula Vista Executive Golf Course pond in The Villages, FL.  The egret was wading in the small shallow pond to fish for its meal of small fish, frogs, crayfish or smaller turtles.

Snowy Egrets are small, all white birds with a black bill, black legs, and bright yellow feet.  In breeding season which is late Winter and Spring, the birds have a glorious coat of long white plumage.

Most Snowy Egrets stay around the water until time to roost in a tall tree for the evening.  They do not usually hunt in shrubbery like their larger cousins the Great Egrets do. Snowy Egrets are fairly shy and don’t like being around people very much.  I usually see them by themselves or with one or two others but spread out on the shoreline. I always enjoy spotting these gorgeous birds!  Like many wading birds, it is easiest to spot the egrets in the early morning or very late afternoon hours.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

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