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Eastern Blue Jays in the Yard

Occasionally I will see an Eastern Blue Jay come and dine at the backyard bird feeder station.  Usually these medium-sized blue-white and black birds are ground feeders.  Once in a while they also will catch insects on leaves up in the tree canopy or on bushy shrubs.  The Blue Jays are pretty birds and I like having them around in spite of their noisy calls and songs.  They tend to be a little bit of a bully when it comes to the smaller birds and the feeder.  I noticed that all of the little finches and even the larger Cowbirds left when that single Blue Jay flew up to the feeder.

One of the main attractions about this feed is that there are Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and a few Peanuts in the mix.  Both are beloved by the Blue Jays!   The Blue Jay finished dining and then just flew off.  I do not think that these birds nest in my trees, but rather in the large trees in my neighbor’s yard.  The Jays have moved elsewhere in the neighborhood and are seldom here anymore.  I took these pictures in early June, 2011 from my deck.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

American Robins

American Robins are a kind of bird from the Thrush family.  Robins are brownish-grey and rusty-orange in color.  They have a light, slender pointed bill.  Their most prominent characteristic is the white-colored broken ring around their eyes.  Robins mostly eat insects and worms but will also eat some fruits and berries. The males are slightly brighter in color than the females.  Robins most often feed on the ground.  They can be seen walking on lawns just after the grass has been watered or after a rain.  They love to find earthworms to snack on.  The Robins usually build their nests way up in larger trees.   Robins make great parents.  I enjoy watching these beautiful birds!  I took these pictures in the last few days from my window and deck.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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