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More Baby Pictures of the Wood Duclkings

I was out with the camera yesterday afternoon at pond-side and accidentally startled the little family of Wood Ducks.  Mama quickly led her trio of ducklings away from the shore and way out onto the pond and across to the other shore.  She had hidden her ducklings in amongst the tall reeds where I did not at first spot them.  The Wood Ducks are quite shy and unlike the gregarious  Mallards, just don’t want to be around humans.

These ducks eat insects and tiny pond animals so I think there may be delicious worms and snails around in the reeds and rushes to tempt the ducklings.  I did not see the drake out this afternoon.  He may be resting or away with some of the other males at the nearby lake.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

By the way, the famed once-in-a-lifetime event, “The Transit of Venus” will happen late this afternoon (time for the United States of America views).  I am going to observe by watching on the NASA website  (this is an address reference for you)<http://sunearthday.gsfc.nasa.gov/webcasts/nasaedge/&gt;.  Never directly look at the Sun as you could become blinded.  Treat this as if you were going to watch a Solar Eclipse.

A Hen Wood Duck Makes an Appearance

A female or hen Wood Duck paddled quickly past my shoreline late in the afternoon yesterday.  It was with a young male Mallard Duck.  I guess that the Wood Duck figured duck is duck when it comes to companionship.  There are not many ducks here at the moment.  It has been about a month since I saw a Wood Duck here.   I think that the small flock has gone to another remote part of this lake or has gone to a nearby lake for a change of scenery.  The ducks both were here and gone in a flash.  I guess that they were just traveling to another part of the shoreline.  The female Wood Duck is a brown duck with a white almond-shaped ring around each eye.  This duck has a patch of blue and white on each wing.  It is a lovely duck.   I am glad I saw the hen and her Mallard friend!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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