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The Great Blue Heron Family

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There are four Great Blue Herons now roosting at the park here.  I have blogged about the herons in this park before,  and thought I’d check in on how they are doing.  I took these pictures of the herons on their rookery or nest, last night at 6:00 (park closes at 7:00).  It is an uncrowded time at the park.

I saw the three herons up in and around the stick nest up on a sturdy branch of a Long-leaf Pine Tree.  The parent bird came and gave some food to the noisy older juveniles and then had to leave.  There was a lot of commotion and noise from the juveniles who were clamoring for more food.  I was amazed to see the parent bird fly over quite close by to where I was at and calmly start to fish a bit in the decorative park pond (no Koi now – just mosquito fish and a few turtles).  So all is well with this family of Great Blue Herons.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.   Enjoy!  Have a safe and very happy holiday weekend!

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