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“Super Chipmunk”

Able to leap tall bird feeders with several short bounds, it’s “Super Chipmunk”!  Who is cuter than a button, swift, intelligent, and has built-in food storage pouches?  Yes, it’s “Super Chipmunk”!  I had never before suspected that this amazing little rodent had such super powers.  I saw this with my own eyes and caught it on camera yesterday morning.  That little guy just ran right up the pole on the larger hopper tray type bird feeder until it hit the squirrel baffle.  Right back down to the ground, the little “Super Chipmunk” sped over to the other suet feeder that does not have a baffle and right up he went.  He got to the top and then he was stumped at what he found.  Instead of the coveted bird seed, there just was some sticky suet.  No, the super hero Chipmunk, did not get the goods.  Curses, . . . foiled again!  Well, you can’t help but laugh at this little slice of natural backyard melodrama.  My own opinion is that the smart little guy copied the actions of the Grey Squirrels.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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