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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Waterfowl

Mallard and Hybrid Mallard Mottled Ducks

Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

Hybrid Male Mallard and Florida Mottled Duck

Common Coot

Lesser Scaup Drake (male)

Ducks at Veteran’s Park, The Villages, FL


A few white domestic Pekin Ducks, a lone Mallard drake, and a bunch of hybrid mixes (likely Muscovy and Pekin or Mallard and Pekin) were all happily strolling around the peaceful shoreline of the pond end of Lake Miramar at the Veteran’s Park in The Villages, Florida, near Spanish Springs Square.

I spotted the ducks late in the afternoon this past Sunday.  Several ducks were resting under the Rhododendron bushes.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version.   Enjoy!


Attractive Hybrid Ducks at the Lake


These hybrid ducks are genuinely attractive birds.  Some are obviously a mix between the Florida Mottled Ducks, and the white Pekin Ducks.  Others may have a bit of Muscovy or even Wood Duck within their attractive genes.  I took these pictures at a small park lake in The Villages, Florida very close to the Spanish Springs Square shopping and entertaining area.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger version of that photo.  As ever, enjoy!





A Concern for Florida’s Native Ducks


At first look from a distance, I thought these ducks were Florida Mottled Ducks, a very close cousin to the Mallard Duck.  No, they are  Mallard Ducks.  Mallards usually do not migrate here to Florida in the Summer.  These are probably offspring of farm pond escapees.  It is illegal here in Florida to release Mallards into the wild without proper permits to do so.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission is very concerned about  the hybridization between the native Florida Mottled Ducks and the Mallards, which may eventually lead to the near extinction or complete extinction of the native ducks.   I took these pictures on Friday, August 8, 2014 here in my development.  By the way, I went by this pond yesterday, and the ducks were not there.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger pictures.


A Mottled Duck & Hybrid Mottled Duck


This hen is a Mottled Duck and the drake is a hybrid cross between a Mallard Duck and a Mottled Duck.  The intermixing between the Mottled and Mallard Ducks is pretty commonly seen.  These are dabbling ducks.  They tip their heads down into the shallow water to find pond weeds, and grains.  These ducks also occasionally eat insects.

I photographed this same pair of ducks at both the large rainfall retention pond near the health club here, and the smaller golf course pond near one of our main streets in this development..  I scout both of these ponds on a regular basis to spot wildfowl and wading birds.  It rained a lot on Friday night and Saturday so the ponds were full.  I took these pictures on March 26, 2014, and again on March 29, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!






Mallards and Friend

A Mallard Hybrid Duck

A pair of Mallard Ducks and a Mallard hybrid friend have been coming up into my backyard to dine on fallen bird seed and tasty bugs.  The ducks are here at least once a day.  They have developed a response to my opening the  house door up on the deck.  If the ducks hear the sound of the door opening, off they waddle, or at times, fly!  The ducks are pestered by the Eastern Chipmunk and a few of the Grey Squirrels that each love that fallen bird seed.  The male or drake duck often wins the argument but sometimes the ducks give way to the rodent population.  The Canada Geese have stopped coming to the yard so that group is no longer competing for the backyard buffet here.  The ducks are fun to have here.  Once our dock work starts, the ducks probably will find their snacks elsewhere.  The good news is that we have found a contractor, gotten the home owner’s association permit to rebuild, and have the insurance settlement.  I am so glad!  I hope by the end of this Summer to have a good-looking, sturdy, and safe new boat dock.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Wild Hybrid Ducks

My mystery of yesterday about the unusual ducks has been solved.  I now believe that there is a small number of hybrid ducks here on the lake right now.  I saw the first two last night.   This morning after I had posted my blog entry for that day, I saw three hybrid ducks in the lake at the same spot as I had seen that brown and white duck yesterday afternoon.  The ducks all seem very different.  One looks very closely like a Mallard cross with maybe a Teal.  It may be possible that the other two ducks also had a Mallard parent but  have a Pochard Duck parent as well such as a Canvasback or a Red-Head.  Who knows?  The three were happily browsing the plants in the lake and diving in very shallow water of about 2 feet deep.  It is only the first group of hybrid ducks I have seen here.  I have seen one hybrid here and there but never a small group.  This is a transition time of the season here with many waterfowl and birds just passing through on their migration elsewhere.  By the way, I wonder if the black and white duck in these pictures is the same hybrid duck that had been here this past Spring?  Also, if you look carefully, the duck with white or cream colored body has a head that has brown or chestnut coloring on one side only and white or cream coloring on the other half, almost equally divided.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Ducks Do Dive!

Mystery Ducks

Mystery Duck # 1

This first “Mystery duck” was seen here last spring.  It was very sweet duck and was a Hybrid mix of this and that.  It is my best guess that it is a cross between a Mallard and a Black Duck.  Who knows?  It was a resident duck here on the community lake.  It used to  hang around the Mallard flock so I that is yet another reason why I am guessing that it is a part-Mallard Duck.  It ‘s possible that this duck is a cross between a domestic duck and a wild duck.  Maybe a descendant of an Easter present duck that had been turned loose?  In any case, it was a wonderfully nice duck.   I have not seen that duck for many months.

The next “Mystery Duck”  (#2 below), was one that I saw in the lake in back of my next-door neighbor’s house on 11/2/10.  I was out taking pictures and saw a movement on the lake just underneath the dock.  I did not have a good view of the ducks so I did the best I could with taking the picture.  The duck has a reddish brown head and dark bill,  but has a white body!  This is either a hybrid cross of a Canvasback or Red-Head Duck, or it is a mutant.  It was with another similar duck but I could not tell if the other was a hybrid or a normal duck.  If you have any ideas, please weigh-in and let me know by writing a comment about the possible identity of this duck.  That picture isn’t clear but it’s the only one I took.  There was a great deal of reflected color from the fall leaves, the ducks were pretty far away, and the late afternoon light was dim.  This  picture is also digitally enlarged by cropping.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version.  Enjoy!

Mystery Duck #2 (with white body)

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