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A Small Flock of Ibis

Both adult Glossy Ibis and juvenile White Ibis were spotted with a few small Plover shore birds at a small rainfall retention pond in the Souliere Villas in The Villages, FL in Marion County.  There are two of these ponds adjacent to each other and both have been nearly empty now for a few weeks.  The marshy low water is attracting Little Blue Herons, Plovers, Glossy and White Ibis, Great Egrets, and a few Kildeer and Yellowlegs.  Great fun to get out in the golf cart and see these wonderful birds from the street!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Ibises Galore!


American White Ibises were happily lounging around the shore of one of the local small lakes when I stopped to take pictures.  The brown and white bird is a juvenile American White Ibis.  This crowd of Ibises were attracted to the sound of gas-powered golf carts.

Tourists and a few locals (some with youngsters) come in the golf carts and give the throngs of Ibises and other water birds, treats like crackers, bread, cereal and bird seed.  I do not participate in this.  The birds have come to expect that people in carts means that food will come their way.  They actually beg.  No wonder there are a lot of the birds around!  The natural foods for American White Ibises are aquatic and land snails, worms, insects, grubs, and they occasionally eat seeds.  Yes, there are Wood Storks in one of the pictures (first row at left).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger photo.  Enjoy!




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