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Ibises in My Yard


White Ibises are not that unusual here in The Villages, Florida, but the medium-sized wading birds are most often seen on the shore of a pond or lake.  Occasionally, the little flocks take wing and decide to strike out for different pastures and land in neighborhoods.  A few days ago, I looked out my window and behold, there they were!  It is exciting to see a small group of the ibises strolling along the lawns.  About the only thing that gets the birds excited is when a resident walks their dog or when cars roll down the street.  These birds seem pleasant and are excellent bug hunters.  A nice thing here.

The juveniles are the brownish-colored ones in my pictures; with a more brown to tan-colored bill.  The juvenile White Ibises get white feathers with black wing tip under feathers as they age and the bill of the juvenile turns red at the same time.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_7787DSC_7836DSC_7824 (1)

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