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A Grey Squirrel Busy at Work in the Yard

It’s that time of year when the Grey Squirrels get busy trying to gather acorns, nuts, seeds, and any other edibles they can find.  They are also working hard on building or rebuilding outdoor nests way up in the larger trees.  I have only seen just a couple of Grey Squirrels in the few days I have been home.  We have had workers here working on finishing the dock so we have not had animals around the yards often.  I also do not have any bird seed out so the usual treats are just not there to entice squirrels to be around as much.  We also have had windy very cool days and cold nights here this weekend.  Things will be improving as the yard gets cleaned up and the workers leave and the weather warms a little.  I sure do like observing wildlife in my backyard!  I took these pictures on Sept. 29, 2011 on my deck using my regular shorter lens.  I will be putting my long lens back on soon.  It is handy at times to have that longer lens for getting up close pictures of waterfowl and birds.  By the  way, the top picture shows the squirrel on the top of my small irrigation pump house ready to jump off.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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