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Wood Storks (Up Close)

Wood Storks have been spotted here in The Villages at Glenwood Country Club pond, at Freedom Pointe Lake, and at Lake Mira-mar.  The two I saw at Lake Mira-mar were quite curious and came up close to me when I shot the photo from the golf cart (hence the close-ups).  I think tourists are still feeding the White Ibis and Wood Storks at Lake Mira-mar which is at Spanish Springs which is why the storks have lost fear of people and beg.  Sad.  Yes there is a sign telling people not to feed the birds but some still do so.  I do not.

The other lakes I mention, had Wood Storks that decidedly were not going to be near people at all.  Very wild and good.  Wood Storks stop by in the late Winter and again in about July.  Occasionally the Wood Storks are here at other times but not as many individual birds.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!


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