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Strolling White Ibises

A flock of White Ibis were strolling around the yards in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  It has rained a lot  so the big white birds were out for any earthworms or grubs they could find.  The birds search with their rubbery long bills for their prey.

The White and brown bird is an older juvenile.  These birds are a cocoa brown and white color as babies and gradually turn white as they age.  The White Ibis are flock birds.  I often joke that there are a “Herd” of ibis on the lawn as they tend to walk around in groups that resemble how cattle walk.  Yes, a group of Ibis are really known as a flock.

These ibis roost as a flock, together in trees. Usually their roost is in lower tree branches over swamp wetlands where American Alligators patrol.  Alligators below the roosts help the birds stay safe from Coyotes and Bobcats.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!


Ibises at Flooded Lakes

These White Ibises were perching in low oak trees at the side of flooded Lake Mira-mar in The Villages, FL and walking around in the lake-side parking area at that same little lake.

I also saw several White Ibis walking on the grass between parts of the  flooded Boone Park on Lake Paradise also in The Villages, FL that are separated by a now flooded street.  Both lakes are still full but yes, the water is down a little.  It sure is weird seeing waterfowl and wading birds paddling and walking along through the flood water on a neighborhood street!  Those areas are pretty much off-limits so I was careful to stay where it was safe and easy to walk around.

I think the bird population is probably half what it was before Hurricane Irma here.  Just an un-scientific guess on my part. I think most fled and flew elsewhere.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Wordless Wed. – White Ibises

Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of these photos I took yesterday in my yard,  Enjoy!



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