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A Flock of Goldfinches


A  flock of Goldfinches arrived several days ago here in my neighborhood.  Our neighbor across the street here has recently put up a bird feeding station with great success, and another family behind them also has a feeder (the blue feeder shown).

The Goldfinches and other songbirds just love the Sunflower Seeds, a “Finch sock”, Dried Meal Worms, and a Suet block that are available at that neighbor’s feeder station.  The finches love the “Finch sock”, and the Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.  I think the small birds also like the tray feeder a lot.

These are the first Goldfinches I have spotted here in my new neighborhood.  I think they are a migratory flock just passing through and resting here a few days.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!






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