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A Pair of Nesting Great Blue Herons

This pair of Great Blue Herons have established a nest rookery in a large Live Oak Tree, dripping with Spanish Mosses, next to the Arnold Palmer Legends golf course on Buena Vista Blvd. in The Villages, Florida.

The big wading birds had made a couple of nests there in the tree but only one of the nests could easily be seen from the multi-modal golf-cart path.  Herons like many larger birds, try to create a back-up nest in case of disaster.

Both birds flew across the golf course pond in turn and did a little hunting.  I believe the pair may have eggs in this nest since I did not see any chicks.   I want to wish everyone a happy Easter!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!


Great Blue Herons

These two Great Blue Herons were spotted on Saturday here in The Villages, FL at two different small ponds.  The first Great Blue Heron was seen on the shoreline of a tiny almost dry pond near the Hacienda executive golf course here.  There was a small thin stream of water almost like a creek flowing at the bottom of the basin.  I think the heron was trying for a tasty lizard or snake or possibly a few tadpoles in a puddle.  This bird was pretty close to the multi-modal golf cart path so I noticed the heron right away.

The other heron was fishing on the shore of a tiny park pond at the Silver Lake Community Center park a few blocks away from Lake Paradise.  I did see the Great Blue Heron take a very short low flight to another spot where it probably felt the fish were headed.  These park ponds mainly have smaller fish, frogs, and small turtles in them.  I left before I was able to see the bird catch anything.  Always fun to watch these Great Blue Herons!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

The Herons’ Hang Out

DSC_7968 - Version 2

There were two Great Blue Herons visible when I visited this privately maintained park in Marion County, Florida, on December 22, 2013.  Each of these Great Blue Herons was hanging out in a different tree where the herons had built a stick nest for their rookery.

I think that these birds are ones I had photographed a couple of times earlier in the year there at this botanical park.  The big pine trees are showing broken limbs from Summer thunderstorms, so It is no wonder that some of the herons are making new nests within the park!  The nest shown in today’s post is likely one of the new ones.

I have been casually visiting this park and watching the herons since last March (2013) and have enjoyed watching these wading birds grow from gangly juveniles to nearly grown adults.  Please click on the thumbnail images to see the larger picture.


DSC_7971 (1)

DSC_7975 - Version 2DSC_8023 - Version 2DSC_8027

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