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This Pileated Woodpecker Knows Where the Feeder is!

A fairly young-looking Pileated Woodpecker has become a regular at my backyard lakeside bird feeder.  That particular bird feeder has a very appealing suet cake on the side of the birdseed hopper.  What is ironic is that the suet cake is pretty old.  Who can tell what is the draw for some birds to come to any one feeder.  The Pileated is among the largest of the North American woodpeckers.  This individual has been around here for about a month.  This woodpecker is now on the backyard trees and the suet feeder at least once a day and sometimes more often.  The woodpecker and I played a visual game of peek-a-boo when it discovered I was out on the balcony above the feeder and was watching with the large camera.  It patiently finished eating and then flew up to the nearby dead Oak Tree.  That Pileated Woodpecker walked up the trunk from one side to the other,  all the way to the top  of the tree.  Every few feet up the tree, the woodpecker would peek at me to check if I was still watching.  Once the Pileated Woodpecker got to the top of the tree, it looked at me and off it flew.  As far as I know, that bird lives a short way across the lake.  I think it loads up on insects for its young and eats suet for itself.  That is just a guess on my part though.  By the way, the suet has peanuts in it.  I am always happy to see the big noisy interesting and unique bird!  I took these pictures from my deck on April 10, 2011, and again on April 13, 2011.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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