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Hawk Perched on the Telephone Line

I am not sure which species of Hawk this bird is but I’ll guess and say it is a Red-tailed Hawk.  It is either a juvenile or is in a molting phase where its feathers are ragged.  I saw this bird a few days ago in the very late afternoon on a side road across my community.  The Red-tail Hawk is one of the most commonly seen Hawks in our area of Tennessee.  It is a hunter of small rodents, birds and reptiles mostly.  The area that I was in there is very sparsely developed.  This bird was sitting very still on a telephone wire about a block from one of the smaller lakes we have here.  It was apparently resting as I spotted the bird as we drove past and it was still there a few minutes later as we circled back so I could take the picture.  Some of the pictures were taken through the windshield as you can likely tell.  The clearest one was taken through the driver’s side window.  Eventually the bird figured out that we were interested in it and flew off.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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