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Cedar Waxwings

I was out with my camera recently at sunset and saw a flock of birds up in the Oaks near the pond here.  I looked carefully and saw that the birds had crests and were about the same size as a Cardinal.  But no, these were not Cardinals, but they were Cedar Waxwings.  I had familiarity with the Cedar Waxwings when I lived in Northern California many years ago.

Cedar Waxwings are smaller medium-sized birds with a light buff to reddish-brown body, a black mask, a top-knot crest, and have tail feathers with yellow tips.  The Cedar Waxwings love eating berries, fruits of almost any type, seeds, nuts, and a few kinds of insects.  Sometimes you will see Cedar Waxwings swoop and fly fairly erratically.  This is due to their penchant for eating slightly fermented berries.  Cedar Waxwings are new to me here.  I think I only saw a single Cedar Waxwing at my old  place.  I am glad to see the big number of birds here at my new property.  I think that there are enough trees, the pond and nearby lakes, and the pastures, to keep a lot of birds happy.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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