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Ruddy Ducks Paddle Past

The Ruddy Ducks have once again come past my dock here on the 101 acre private community lake.  Ruddy Ducks are migratory visitors here.  The male or drake Ruddy Duck is the one with the vividly white patch of cheek feathers and a blue bill.  Otherwise, both genders pretty much look similar.  The Ruddy Ducks have  very upright tail feathers that they can also lower when desired.  They are two shades of brown with the darker shade being on their back.  They are diving ducks and eat small aquatic animals, and insects.  I have found that the Ruddy Ducks are quite shy.  They mostly stay quite a ways out in the lake here.  I have seen the Ruddy Ducks here in small flocks several times this Winter and Spring.  I noticed that there may have been a male or drake Lesser Scaup paddling with the Ruddy Ducks.  I took these pictures on Wednesday March 30, 2011.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Ruddy Ducks at Twilight

I was quite surprised to see the Ruddy Ducks still here on the lake.  They were happily paddling around with a small group of American Coots.   The Ruddy Duck is a small diving duck.  The male  or drake, has a rather pretty turquoise blue to teal blue bill and the female, or hen has a more brownish-blue bill.  Both genders of the Ruddy Duck have a cinnamon brown and dark brown body.  The males have a large buff to white-colored cheek patch.  The females also have a slight cheek patch but it is much more subdued.  The Ruddy Ducks eat aquatic animals, fish, and insects.  The Ruddy Ducks are migratory visitors here on our 101 acre community lake.  The migratory ducks will all be heading home in coming weeks since the weather is improving in many places.  For now, I am enjoying seeing a variety of ducks here.   I took these pictures from my deck in the very late afternoon on March 1, 2011.   Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Waterfowl Here This Winter, Part 1

Drake and Hen Ruddy Ducks

The private community lake here in Cumberland County, Tennessee where I live has seen Bufflehead Ducks, Greater Scaup Ducks, Lesser Scaup Ducks,  Mallard Ducks, Hooded Merganser Ducks, Red-Head Ducks, Ring-Neck Ducks, Ruddy Ducks, as well as Canada Geese, a Greylag Goose, American Coots, Pied-Billed Grebes, Western Grebes, and  a few Northern Loons visiting this winter.  Our 101 acre private community lake is very quiet during the winter months so the waterfowl are safe here.  There seems to be plenty to eat with lawns, water plants, insects, fish, and small aquatic animals here in the lake and along the shore.  We do not allow hunting within our community so that adds to the security the waterfowl feel.  The lake is a man-made fishing lake with many homes and a hardwood forest ringing the shore.  These ducks are all wonderful and I have been happy to have had the chance to see them!  Part two of this series will be posted here in coming days and will show photographs of different duck species.  I took the pictures of the Bufflehead Ducks yesterday afternoon.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Drake Bufflehead Ducks

Hen Bufflehead Ducks

Drake Ring-Neck Duck

Hen Ring-Neck Duck

A Dandy Group of Different Ducks

Drake Wood Duck

I have been seeing a small number of Ruddy Ducks, Bufflehead Ducks, and Wood Ducks this week just off my dock or in the water just a few doors down.  These all have been just beautiful to see!  The Ruddy Ducks or stiff-tailed ducks, are brown with buff coloring and that stiff up-swept tail feather look.  The Bufflehead male is a stark white with black accents.  The female Bufflehead is the opposite with dark charcoal brown and white.  The Wood Duck male is a kaleidoscope of color with green, brown, beige, yellow, purple, black, white and blue!  The female Wood Duck is brown, and tan with accents of black, blue and white.  These are diving ducks.  The Buffleheads and Ruddy Ducks are migratory visitors here during the winter.  The Wood Ducks are year around residents here.  I recently learned that the Bufflehead Ducks are the smallest of the ducks to visit here in Tennessee!  All of these ducks are extremely shy and dislike being around people.  I took these pictures on several days this past week.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture!  Enjoy!

Ruddy Ducks

Ruddy Ducks at Rest

Ruddy Duck

Drake Ruddy Duck

Hen Wood Duck

Bufflehead Ducks

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