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A Not-So-Shy Visitor and Those Other Resident Rodents

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (79)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (78)

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (63)

A Cotton-tailed Rabbit has been visiting the yards of the row of homes that I live among.  I was quite surprised to spot the bunny sitting in the St. Augustine grass lawn, in the back yard,  just about five feet from a neighbor’s home.  On June 29, 2013, I again saw the rabbit (or its look-alike) right up against another close neighbor’s house!  Prior to about a week ago, I had not seen rabbits within a half-mile of my home.

My husband told me, much to my great surprise, that he had seen that same rabbit go up onto my other next door neighbor’s porch earlier that day!  So, the resident Grey Squirrels have a new friend here.  I will likely have to put up a short rabbit fence around any above ground planter boxes I may plan to have in my patio area, for growing vegetables.  I took these pictures in my yards on June 25, 2013, and again on June 29, 2013.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (69)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (68)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (67)

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (64)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (65)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (66)

The Resident Beaver Swims By

Last night at just about sunset (about 8:15 pm or so), I saw the resident Beaver paddling close to my shoreline here on our 101 acre private community lake.  I had not been seeing this Beaver recently.  I think the Beaver has its lodge along a finger of the lake at the other end near the dam.  I do know that this Beaver is industrious.  I like the Beaver but am getting concerned for the health of the small tender trees that are, or were growing along the shoreline near my home.  So far, I have had a young Curly Willow chewed (April 2011) so that there is a stump that has re-sprouted new branches.  The Beaver is working on my Autumn Olive at the moment.  Not yet girdled, the large shrub may survive.  My next door neighbor has had a small Pine and a small Dogwood totally chewed off, leaving only a short stump (April and May 2011).

The Beaver is simply doing what nature tells it to do.  It builds its lodge home and possibly a dam of small and medium branches and lots of sticks, mud, and leaves.  The craftsmanship of Beaver dams and lodges is superb!  I have seen these structures elsewhere and they are amazing.  So, that is why I am showing these pictures of the Beaver.  I took these pictures when it was almost dark last evening. Beavers are excellent swimmers and dive under the water for long periods of time if they sense trouble or danger.   I have lightened the shots a lot with a photo editing software so you will be able to get a good look at the critter.  The center shot below, shows the Beaver diving.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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