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Wordless Wednesday: A Chipping Sparrow


I took these pictures of the little sparrow last week.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!


Chipping Sparrows

There are a flock of Chipping Sparrows here in the yards on a regular basis.  They come to the bird feeder daily along with the Brown-headed Cowbirds.  The Chipping Sparrows like to eat grass seed, and seeds from native weeds.  They are small brown and beige birds.  They hop around on the ground and usually are found in tall grass and around brush piles.  They are cute little guys!   The Chipping Sparrow looks a bit like the Song Sparrow, but it does not have a black bib mark on its chest.  I took these pictures in my yards on various dates in the first week of July, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Views of Wildlife Here on the Little Farm

I took these pictures here in my yard in the last two days.  I am always amazed at the big variety of different birds, ducks and small animals that come around.  I even had this mysterious kitty that is hopefully a neighbor’s wayward pet.    I also saw a Cotton-Tailed Rabbit on the street just in front of the driveway.

The Wood Ducks were lounging on the opposite shoreline near the dam.  The Eastern Chipmunk was sneaking up on the porch looking for bird seed treats.  I saw an American Robin sitting on a fence post.  There even was a Chipping Sparrow on the bird feeder and also a Tufted Titmouse.  The Red-Headed Woodpecker and the White-Breasted Nuthatch made themselves known, too!    I had a great time looking at all the wildlife!  Both of the days I took these pictures on had short, on and off rains.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

A Mix of Pix

Northern Mockingbird

Here are some photographs I took this past week here on the little farm.  A mix of birds, and ducks.   Please click on the thumbnail image and Enjoy!

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Female Northern Cardinal

Mourning Dove

Chipping Sparrow

Mallard Ducks

A Sparrow in the Snow

This little Song Sparrow showed up in my yard  just after it had snowed.  The weather was windy and this tiny bird was looking for something to eat.  This is one of the first sparrows I have seen here.  I think that perhaps this bird lives with its flock in one of the neighboring yards or nearby woods.  The sparrow was investigating a couple of old empty plastic containers that once held bird seed.  The bird just knew somehow!  Because I did not have a bird feeder out, I no longer have any bird seed here.  So, taking pity on the little bird, I put out some dry oatmeal and a few torn pieces of raisin bread.  The bird had flown off before I managed to get the treats out, but I do think I need to have a feeder up soon.  I have not seen that bird back here since I took the picture from my window on 1/13/12.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Birds in the Snow

Song birds and waterbirds were the visitors here in my yards on a very snowy Sunday!  I had a lot of birds come to the bird feeder or immediately under it.  I try to offer birdseed and yes, squirrel chow to the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks that come to the yards.  I took pictures of Pied-Billed Grebes, Carolina Chickadees, Mourning Doves, a Sparrow (Song or House???), a Northern Cardinal, and a Carolina Wren.  The birds were very hungry and cold.  It was 19 or 20 degrees out when I snapped these shots from inside my house through the window. It also was quite breezy and it was snowing.  I think that the actual wind chill was about 9 degrees when I took the pictures so you can see why the birds were happy to get the food hand-outs!  I took these pictures on 12/12/10.  The one picture of the Mallard Ducks was taken at a tiny lake that is about a half mile from my home.  I actually got out of the car to take the picture.  I was on the way home from the grocery store (have all-wheel drive car).  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Autumn Song Sparrows

The little brown Song Sparrow is a bird that lives up to its name.  It sings a melody while perched up in the Oaks and Hickories in my backyard.  The Song Sparrows eat insects as well as seeds, berries, and small broken-up pieces of nuts.  The Song Sparrows usually don’t come to my bird feeders but browse along the forest floor instead.  Once in a great while I do see the Song Sparrows up on the feeder gorging on the seed, nuts, and fruit mixture offered there.  The Song Sparrow has brown coloring with streaks of dark brown on a light tan on its chest.  Song Sparrows are usually good parents to their young as we tenderly saw earlier in the year.  Earlier this past Spring I posted here and wrote about the baby Sparrow that was out of its nest and on the forest floor and tended by the parent Sparrows.  It is possible that one of the adult Sparrows here is that very baby.  Who knows?  I took these photographs at various times during the first week in November, 2010.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger version.  Enjoy!

Unexpected Guests at the Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders are extra-popular supplemental sources of food for creatures other than just birds as I have found this past year here.  I have seen Grey Squirrels up on the feeder eating and shaking the seed so that it spilled to the ground.  Once I had even seen a Chipmunk do the same (maybe it took note of what the squirrel did?).  Amazing!  Under the bird feeder, I have frequently seen ground feeding birds such as the Mourning Doves, Robins, and Sparrows.  I additionally have seen Mallard Ducks enjoying the freebies from time to time.  In a prior post here I documented how the Squirrel knocked the seed down and the Ducks cleaned up!  Even the hummingbird nectar feeder has its share of free-loaders.  I have recently taken pictures of Butterflies and Wasps on the nectar feeder.  So, the hospitality extended by that bird feeder is appreciated by the wildlife.  I do hope though, that the wasps find another buffet and our feeder won’t be a nuisance because of wasps.  We do discourage the Squirrels each and every time we see them on top of the feeder or even attempting to climb the pole.  By the way, the baffle system for the bird feeder pole really did not keep the Squirrels off so we discontinued using it.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Birds on the Wire

Mourning Dove

We have all seen birds perched on the electric lines overhead in neighborhoods.  My street is no exception.  I took these photographs while out on walks up and down my street earlier this summer.  The photographs show a Kingbird, an Eastern Bluebird, a Goldfinch, and a Red-Bellied Woodpecker sitting on the top of the telephone pole. Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version of that photograph.  Enjoy!


King Bird


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Eastern Bluebird

Baby Sparrow Out of Its Nest

We had several trees fall next door and one in my own back yard recently due to a storm.  This is a post about a baby Sparrow that was on the ground away from its nest.  The baby was nearly ready to fledge and fly but not quite there yet.  I am guessing that either it accidentally fell or was pushed out of its nest or its nest was in one of the fallen trees.  The worried parents were always nearby and took turns caring for the baby.  They hunted for insects and fed the baby several times every day.  I followed this chick for 2 days and then lost track of it.  It either flew or is somewhere under a bush next door.  I did shoo off a not so local kitty that was nosing around the backyard next door.  In any event, nature took its course.  The mom and dad Sparrows were very attentive and loving toward their baby.  Enjoy!

Baby Sparrow

Parent Sparrow

Parent Feeding the Baby

Parent Feeding the Baby

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