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More Spring Scenes on the Little Farm

Mourning Dove

Here are some photographs I took in the last week here on the little farm.  I saw a Mourning Dove on the bird feeder trying to figure out how to get at the seed.  I also checked in on the mother to be Canada Goose.  You can see the downy nest (white blob like area on the grass near the goose).  Lots of different birds here each day.  The weather has been windy, cooler and at times, slightly rainy.  I enjoy being out with the camera and seeing the birds, small animals and fish.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Barn Swallows

Canada Goose

Mallard Drake, Ring-necked Hen

Red-winged Blackbird Male

White-breasted Nuthatch

The Barn Swallows are Here!

Barn Swallows are seasonal migrants that like to spend the Spring and Summer in our area here in Cumberland County, TN.  They spend the Winter down South where it is warm.  Smart birds!  The swallows make nests out of mud and straw that they build on the walls of structures such as barns and sheds and occasionally, houses.  The nests are usually made in groups.  Some swallows return to the same nest year after year.  A famous colony of swallows is at the historical California Mission, San Juan Capistrano, near San Diego, CA.  The swallows often return to that mission about the same date every year like clock-work!  Amazing!

Barn Swallows are great fly-catching birds. The Barn Swallow is brown with a bluish head and an area of orange near the throat and upper chest.  They are small birds about the same size as a bluebird.  I am happy to have spotted the birds here.  One was sitting on the electric line and two were on the dirt pile picking up some building material, or maybe just hunting for insects.  I took these pictures here on April 10, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

The Swallows Have Returned

We have had a couple of flocks of Swallows here at the lake.  I am pretty sure the Swallows have been both Tree Swallows, and Bank Swallows.  We have had a lot of pleasure watching all of the tremendous swooping flights of these birds when they are chasing flying insects.  These small birds are extremely fast and nimble flyers.  The Tree Swallows are shiny blue-black with white chests.  The Bank Swallows are brown with light tan or white chests.  I have seen the birds perching in trees, and taking dust baths in the neighbor’s flower beds.  The Tree Swallow nests in the hollows of tree cavities, and the Bank Swallow creates nests on the banks of streams and lakes.  Both types of Swallows enjoy being near the water.  They eat insects but will occasionally nibble on wild berries.  Sometimes Swallows build nests out of mud and grass on the sides of houses or other buildings and these become a problem for the home owner due to guano deposits and the subtle buzzy chirp of the nesting birds. People are not allowed to knock down these nests when the birds are using them.  I for one am so glad we have all of these insect catching birds around!  The Swallows will be here during the warm weather but will migrate South when the air gets chilly in Fall.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version of that photo.  Enjoy!

Swallow on the Lake


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