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A Look-Back at The American White Ibises

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American White Ibises came to visit in my immediate neighborhood several times in late May and early June.  I could hardly contain my glee!  Boy was I happy!  Other than in a zoo,, I had never seen a live Ibis, much less several of them.  They were here to do one thing and that was to eat.  They ate any insects they could find, and ate tadpoles, frogs, and worms.  The Ibises strolled around the rainfall collection basin which is lined with St. Augustine Grass and was almost dry.  The association here that manages this housing development cuts the grass in this basin about twice a month.

It was funny to see these awkward yet beautiful, large birds stroll around among the yards near houses.  I had to laugh seeing one Ibis slowly stroll past a small garden gnome sculpture on a neighbor’s front lawn!  I miss seeing the American White Ibises.  I think maybe a small flock will return late next Spring for another visit.  I sure hope so.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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