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My Favorite Little Duck

Yes, what a banner day I had yesterday seeing all the wildlife!  In addition to the Sand Hill Cranes, birds, and geese, I also saw a pair of Bufflehead Ducks!  I get tickled by seeing these tiny diving ducks.  The males are white with a blue-black patch on their face,  head, neck and back.  The female or hen is almost an opposite being dark charcoal grey-brown with a white patch on the head and underside up the flanks and neck.

The Buffleheads are especially shy ducks.  Because the pair were paddling around on the nearby private community lake, I had to shoot these photographs from the street above.  This location is just across from my driveway.  I don’t have access to the shoreline of the lake because we are not residents of the resort that owns the lake. The Buffleheads are migratory visitors here in Cumberland County.  They are just here for the winter months.  I am always absolutely thrilled to see the Bufflehead ducks.  I took these pictures yesterday afternoon.   Please click on the thumbnail image.  Enjoy!

Buzzards at Falls Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

Vultures are commonly known as “Buzzards”.  My husband and I took a day trip yesterday to the Falls Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee.  The park is quite striking in that it has geologic features such as sandstone bluffs and dramatic tall waterfalls.  It is an extremely beautiful park!  At one overlook, we saw a couple of Vultures (Likely Turkey Vultures) soaring in wide sweeping circles in the air.  As time went on, more and more of these huge Vultures came.  I captured a few pictures of six Vultures soaring together way up in the sky.  I bet they were enjoying catching updrafts and just soaring on the winds.  The Vultures are often attracted to carrion or dead animals.  These birds are nature’s clean-up crew.  The reason these over-sized birds have no feathers on their red necks is that they eat the carrion.  I took these pictures on 11/22/10 in the mid-afternoon.  The backdrop for some of the pictures is a huge sandstone and limestone bluff.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Falls Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee and would highly recommend this park as a day trip or overnight visit.  The park has a campground for trailers and tents and also offers cabins and an inn.  By the way, the falls there are the highest waterfalls East of the Rocky Mountains.  Please click on the thumbnail view to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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